Thursday, November 25, 2010

"The Color Purple" Reunion

I haven't watched Oprah consistently in over a year, since I moved to Cairo. I used to watch regularly and recorded them too. Sometime soon I plan to purchase a TV and then I'll be back on track (well, sort of ... at least I'll catch the tail end of the last season).

At any rate, I sometimes check the Oprah website to see what I've been missin
g. Actually, I get the emails daily about the shows. I was so happy to see the highlights of the show about "The Color Purple" Reunion.

I read the Alice Walker book years ago. I know that I read it for my African American Literature class in college, but I thought that I'd also read it on my own. Point is, I loved the book. Alice Walker wrote scenes so vividly and the characters were so true to life.

When I found out that there would be a movie version of "The Color Purple", I was skeptical. Even w/Steven Spielberg as the director and Quincy Jones producing. Even when I saw the casting, I was still unsure that they could bring a book that I absolutely adored, to life on the big screen.

photo borrowed from George Burns/Harpo Studios

I don't remember when or where I saw the film, but I know that I was excited about it. There was one scene in the film that I thought was just as it was described in the book. I was satisfied w/the movie version. There were obvious differences, but I liked what I saw in the film.

The acting was phenomenal. I had hoped that someone would get an Oscar nomination from that movie. I was happy when the nominations came out. My fav in the movie though was Adolph Caesar. I'm just smitten when he's on the screen. But his acting as Mister's father was riveting. The others were just as good too.

"The Color Purple" is one of those movies where me and my friends often quote lines from the movie. One of the most frequent lines repeated is "You tole Harpo to beat me" complete with all of the sullenness of broken down Sofia (Oprah's character).

It was nice to see the cast on Oprah for the 25 year reunion.

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