Sunday, October 17, 2010

Music Monday 71 :: My Jams

Nice Jams playlist by ohradiogirl

For a minute there I thought that MySpace was old news; out of the game. But they managed to maintain some features that are still worth logging in for. One of those features is that I can listen to playlists that I create on MySpace. The one caveat is that some times there are also some commercial interruptions.

As for the depth of their catalog - it's deep. Almost everything is there except for Blackstreet's debut album (1994). I love their remake of Steve Wonder's "Love's In Need". It's no where to be found on MySpace.

Anyway, I've created a few playlists for my varying moods. The playlist below just has some songs that I like; there's no real theme ... and don't judge me for the kind of music I gets down with because I don't see you putting yourself out there and sharing your music playlist.

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