Friday, September 17, 2010

Top 5 Moments of Summer 2010

Top 5 Moments of Summer 2010

1. Hanging w/the family especially that girl of mine. She's a gem when she's not being gnarly.

2. Birthday week in D.C. w/the sis and a really cool batch of friends!

3. Seeing and doing things in my hometown that I've never done: go to Mary Coyle for ice cream, visit Terminal Tower in downtown Cleveland, ate broasted chicken from that place on Portage Path, ate at The Lockview in downtown Akron, visit Lanterman's Mills in Youngstown (see image below).

4. Managing my way around Amsterdam dolo!

5. Driving my Jeep baby ... though it did nearly die on me twice in the last few days. When I left it had 207,000+ miles.

And now that it's officially and totally over, how was your summer?

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At 1:04 AM, Blogger Beth said...

Awe, really enjoyed your list! :) So sorry I didn't get to catch you in Buckeyeland. What's broasted chicken?! Is that combination of broiling and roasting? Intrigued! I need to write you a catch up email...I'm actually back (indefinitely) in Z-town. Also stumbled on Spense's blog...which is awesome! I feel so inspired! talk soon! :)

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