Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Egyptian Way :: A Blog Series

After living and working in Cairo for a year, I've decided to write a blog series called "The Egyptian Way". Friends and people who find out that I'm living abroad always want to know what's it like to live in Egypt.

I've posted a few things about my life in Cairo, but overall, I've been rather low key. But some days, things happen and the only explanation is that it's "The Egyptian Way". So it's time for me to exploit the phrase.

Of course I'll tackle the issue of traffic and taxis and crossing the street, but I'll also talk about other lifestyle and social issues and how basic household chores get done. Things are different here, but only occasionally do I stop w/a look of surprise on my face.

I'll try to get in the habit of posting something every Wednesday, but don't get mad if I'm just caught up in "The Egyptian Way" where sometimes deadlines are missed and things just don't get done.

Image: Walking Tour in Islamic Cairo March 2010 (copyright Kim Fox)

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