Saturday, January 27, 2007

The genius of technology

A few months ago, some friends meticulously told me about a digital camera they had recently purchased (actually the boyfriend had given it as a birthday gift to his girlfriend; he works at Best Buy). The camera was nice enough; lots of perks: 6 mega pixels, a nice viewer, etc. A Nikon too. My friends had informed me that you could take a picture and email it to someone. I really liked the camera. So much so that I told my step-dad about it. He too got excited. But the cam, for me at least, was a bit pricey. He did some research and found a pretty good deal and ended up buying it! Only thing is/was, the camera was wireless, but did not have the aforementioned email capacity.

Well, fast-forward to several months later and I am in the market for a new digial cam (I currently have an HP model that I can rarely get to focus on my close up shots). Well, one of my students located this! How happy am I? This cam has that email capacity that I soooo need. I am always telling people that I will email a picture, but now, you can snap the picture, get the email address and they will have it sitting in their inbox. Some will say, yeah, I can take pix from my cell phone. Sure, but what about the quality? Not so good, huh? This baby here has 7 mega pixels! You could ask for more clarity, but this is good stuff. I'll do a bit more research, but I think I've found my new BFF!

I don't know if the cam is available yet, but I have my eye on it.


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