Sunday, December 10, 2006

It pays to be in the holiday spirit!

I work in the media, so I often trudge around to various media related blogs, websites and sometimes, I actually pick up a hard copy of a newspaper and read it ... I'll have to save that story for another day and time.

This here blog is about a trend that I just learned existed; I found the info surfing the web, of course. I probably didn't know about this because I am not a homeowner or just not in the 'know'. It's the holiday season and as busy as I am, I did make time to put up my holiday tree. However, during my comings and goings from home to the office, I've seen more and more streets lit up with holiday lights - I did say streets, since so many homes have these elaborate lighting displays. Well, I certainly have not found time to do that and it's way too cold now, huh? At any rate, whether it's too cold, you don't have time, you have 'ladder-phobia' ... whatever ... I learned from that professional decorators are on the rise (if you can hire a landscaper, why not a professional holiday decorator ...?).

So if this is the kind of thing that you are good at, the skill set could definitely put an additional gift or two under the Christmas tree. Seems landscapers could work nearly year round now (btw, who says you have to wait until December to hang all those lights; not to mention that many holiday items are now available in mid-October. Ole frugal me says make those purchases at the end of the current holiday season).

And doesn't this brings an entirely different meaning to keeping up w/the Joneses, doesn't it?

(photo courtsey of Flickr)


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