Friday, February 09, 2007

Awards Shows...ooooh la la!

My love for music is magnified every year about this time. Actually, I cull the listing of nominees copiously when they are announced. I particularly like the Grammy's and the Oscar's.

The Grammy's are on the docket for Sunday evening. I'm excited for Mary J. Blige who I remember from her debut days. And her disc "The Breakthrough" is a nice one.

I'll be interested in the performances too. The Grammy's almost always have at least one performance that is killer!

I am underwhelmed by the hype of Justin Timberlake and some newbie getting a chance to sing w/him. I think I am still a bit peeved that he's the media darling all these years after the 'wardrobe malfunction.' On the other hand, CBS won't even play a Janet Jackson song as background music. I just feel/felt as if both of them should have received the same treatment. Interestingly enough, Janet is nominated for a Grammy (so maybe a Janet song will be aired on CBS).

I'll really be watching to see how Gnarls Barkley does. They'll be performing, but they are also nominated in a couple of categories. Same for my fav band, The Roots. I'm going to leave off on this one because everything else I have to say is so wholeheartedly in favor of The Roots that you will certainly get tired of hearing it and say okay, okay, we get the point ... I know, if only you had a vote ...

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