Sunday, August 10, 2008

Wallet Reunited w/its Owner!

Crazy things happen all the time. I recently traveled to Chicago and had a blast w/lots of friends (I'll get around to posting pix from that trip later in the week).

I had a great time w/friends; we were attending the UNITY Journalists of Color convention. Good times indeed.

However, on the very last evening, as my roomie and I were cabbing it back to our hotel, we discovered a wallet in the backseat of the cab. The cabbie seemed uninterested in getting wallet to its rightful owner. But everything was in there: money, credit cards, driver's license, keys ... so we thought we'd play Sherlock. Didn't think it would be that difficult, but time was not on our side as were we both scheduled to leave Chicago less than 12 hours after finding the wallet. We took it w/us - as opposed to leaving it w/the cabbie.

Well, somehow, I ended up w/the wallet. I packed it up in the hopes of finding the owner. However, I left Chicago, then went to Akron and Cleveland. When I finally arrived home, I did not immediately unpack. When I did get to unpacking several days later, I saw the wallet and thought I'd use the Internet to get in contact w/the owner. First I tried LinkedIn. No luck. But I hit the jackpot on Facebook. I found an exact name (she had a unique name too) and the city matched - Chicago. So I sent her a message via Facebook. Well, most people check their FB accounts more than they use the restroom on a daily basis, but not this person. After several days, she finally checked her FB and yes, it was the right person! How cool is that?

So she provided me w/her mailing address and I put the wallet (along w/one of my handmade greeting cards) in the mail this past Friday - all contents inside.

Life is good!

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At 10:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are such a sweet person, god bless you.

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At 1:23 PM, Blogger Stampmouse said...

a good job karma will come around to you


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