Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Elder Abuse

I'm sort of dealing w/an elder abuse situation. No, I'm not the elder or the abuser. Thanks for asking. But I've ranted before about my noisy neighbors. Well, months later and it is still much of the same.

My neighbors are married and have been for 60 some years (so the wife tells me). So when I say elder I am talking 96 (him) and 80 something (her). The walls are thin and they are loud; they can't hear one another, but I can hear them clearly (but that works in my favor, I can turn the music or TV up load and they probably can't hear me either).

Problem is they talk loud, they argue louder. I could tell you what they say when they argue, but they speak another language and I can't always make out the the crux of the fighting words. But sometimes I hear more than words like things being tossed and what not.

I have called the police on them more than once. At first I felt guilty about calling the police on the elderly. But you never know how serious something is. At first, I just wanted to get some peaceful rest, but now, I am genuinely concerned about both of them.

He is obviously emotionally abusing her, but he also gets physical. Yep, I saw the bruise marks (though I guess the marks could have come from something else, huh?). Point is, every time I've gotten up recently to see about the commotion that I can't sleep through, the police are already there.

Problem ... he has Alzheimer's Disease and it is only getting worse. She is reluctant to commit him to the hospital. I can see the difficulty in making that decision. But ...

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