Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Little Photo Editing and Collage

I took this photo a while ago in downtown Cleveland. At the corner of Superior and East 9th Street; I was traveling west, so I'm right near the Catholic Diocese Headquarters, which you can't see on my right. But directly across the street is the Hampton Inn.

I took two pics. The first one I just wanted to toss out. And the second one is in the top left corner. I used the night snapshot mode on my Canon A570IS digital camera. I like the second picture. But the first picture has found life in the photo editing world.

I used Picasa to do some very minor editing. You can see the results in the other three pics. I sharpened each of them, then added an additional feature: the one in the upper right corner is focal black+white; the lower right corner is warmify and the lower left corner is black+white. Nice, huh?

Oh and then I had to assemble a collage to exemplify my work. Up next, I plan to try to utilize some actions using Gimp.
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