Friday, October 17, 2008

Podcamp Pittsbugh (PCPGH3)

I'll be checking out Podcamp Pittsburgh (PCPGH3) this weekend. Should be kinda cool. It's the 'unconference' - something like by the people for the people. It's a freebie, so that's a major selling point.

I'm not hosting any panels or anything. I almost threw my hat in the ring. But I don't quite have expertise in podcasting. I can do this blogging thing somewhat well. Like I'm in the process of changing the templates on my blogs. I don't know html, but I've learned a thing or two just working in blogger. But I think blogging is really simple. Though there is more to Podcamp Pittsburgh than just blogging and podcasting. It's about taking photos, social media, multimedia and more.

Btw, I plan on doing more podcasting in the future. I will more than likely have podcasts of the media that I consume. Additionally, I'd like to get more podcasts of me and my friends having insightful conversations about current events.

So Podcamp Pittsburgh, here I come. There are a slew of workshops/sessions on both Saturday and Sunday. I hope to do the whole nine including the Meet and Greet later today. I missed Podcamp Ohio, so I hope that this event is just as good.

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