Thursday, March 12, 2009



Like many, I'd heard about this movie last year when it was released and there was immediate Oscar buzz.

I like Sean Penn's work. But I did not know much about the story; except that Harvey Milk was dead and that he was an activist. Some would say, well, that's the story.

However, just seeing the little bit of Milk's life on the big screen was so compelling. I love seeing the possibilities and results when people are passionate about what they believe in.

I watched the Academy Awards when Penn collected his Best Actor Award for portraying Milk. Rah. Rah. Penn put in an incredible performance. He was sooo believable as a gay man. And in his acceptance speech to make mention of 'equal rights for everyone' was certainly admirable.

The entire cast of the film version of "Milk" did an exceptional job. I like Cleve and Scott and Anne. Just good stuff.

I thought that this movie was well written. It was a bit long, but it really did not drag in any one place; just a lot to say. Of course, I like the ending when there are updates about the real life people complete with images. Very nice.

I was so distraught about how Milk died. He just seemed to be on the cusp of really doing big things. It's just interesting to now know about this person, who I'd hardly ever heard of. And in my lifetime too. I'm glad that Harvey Milk's story finally got out to a broader audience. He deserves that and then some.

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