Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Another Round of "Where'd They Put It"?

For the first time in my life, I hired a house cleaner for upkeep at my apartment in Cairo. It's a decent size apartment though really no larger than some places I've lived in the past.

Okay, so I really don't need someone to clean my apartment because I'm not the lazy type and I will clean up after myself. I got a house cleaner because it's supposed to make my life easier. You know, one less thing to do (or ten).

At any rate, it's not really working out for me. Problem is the moment I step into my apartment after she's been there, I have to play a 'not-so-fun' game of 'where'd they put it?'. Meaning there is always something that was on my bedroom dresser, that is not there and it's also not in the typical places that I look, say, like in the top drawer.

For example, after the last visit, I spent over a day looking for my flip flops that I put on to walk on my terrace. I conveniently keep them by the door to the terrace. But when I came home and went to go on the terrace and slip on my flip flops, they weren't there. So I look in the typical places: closets; by the front door ... I eventually found them in the spare room on the bottom shelf of the book case. Huh? Hence, the 'not-so-fun' part of this silly game.

And it's so majorly frustrating that I'm thinking of ditching the cleaning lady altogether. Some say, just call her and ask her 'where'd they put it'. How about they put it back where it was to start with?

So stay tuned to see how I handle this escapade ... will I really stop stimulating the economy? We'll, I think I'll put on my flip flops, take a walk out to the terrace and think about this one ...

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