Monday, October 05, 2009

Music Monday 41 :: "Fresh Air" by Brother Ali

"Fresh Air" by Brother Ali (2009)

Brother Ali is a long timer ... he's been dropping rhymes for sometime. He's a part of the Rhymesayers camp too (that doesn't just mean hip hop, but quality hip hop).

This track is from Brother Ali's most recent project "Us". This cd is killer. "Fresh Air" is supposed to be the first release from the disk. It's got some tempo to it and he's got some bounce in his flow. During the hook on the track, it reminds me of some old school funk like Slave or Lakeside. As a matter of fact, I might want to check the liner notes to see if he's sampling something from back in the day.

What I like about Brother Ali is his ability to quickly weave words in a way that gives you an immediate visual. And he's not always boasting about himself. He's talking about the community, the impact of government and big business on the world and more. He's a rhyming master storyteller.

Hip hop is my thing and I just wanted to put you on to something fresh and new.

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