Friday, April 23, 2010

New Tech Stuff That I'm Using

Just a quick post on some new tech stuff that I've been checking out. They're all free and that makes them even more fun.

Dipity is for creating timelines. Another powerful way to tell stories.

Create an incredible presentation w/Prezi. It makes PowerPoint look silly. Oh, and you can get an educators account too (if you're an educator).

Still one of my favs despite the amount of time it takes to buffer 30 second vids - Animoto.

I've come to enjoy Google Sites. Just learned that I could use it as a private wiki for my classes.

What would I do w/out Dropbox. I'll nearly stopped carrying a usb drive since I started using this program.

And my current fav is Google Chrome. Took some time to warm up to it. I was soooo married to Firefox. I like the uncluttered look of chrome. On start up, you can list the website that you want to open (I still like the 'save' feature in Firefox).

The VLC Player has been getting some use these days to. I like that it plays nearly any kind of file.

I hope to post up a Prezi presentation in the next few days.

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