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Cover of "Good Hair"Cover of Good Hair

MOVIE REVIEW: "Good Hair" (2009)

After my friend, a hair stylist, mentioned that she did not really care for this movie, I was reluctant to watch "Good Hair". I did, however, enjoy the movie.

I did view it w/her thoughts in mind, but in the end, I thought that there was some symmetry to the film. She did not like the flamboyantness of the Bronner Brothers Hair Show segments. But to me, that is a real component. Some stylists love to attend that annual convention.

Unfortunately, I was quite saddened by the film. It was heart breaking to see the little girl getting her first relaxer at, what, five years old. Wow. I was also sad after seeing the short segment w/the five high school girls. And someone said to the girl w/the natural hair that they would not hire her because her hair was uncombed. The look on that young lady's face just broke me up.

More sadness about the cost of getting a hair weave ... and that some folks are spending thousands of dollars on hair weaves. So glad that things are NOT that serious for me. Never has been. I mean, I've had my hair relaxed and it looks good, but the price point was always reasonable. By reasonable, I mean $60-$70 dollars. That was some time ago though.

So take those thousands of dollars and add to it the amount of money that funnels out of the black community through hair care products. This was also mentioned in "Good Hair". There were two rows of black-owned hair care companies at the Bronner Brothers Convention. That is so not good since they were packed inside a seemingly large convention center.

I think that Chris Rock did a good job w/this project. He interjected his humor but shed light on an interesting topic. My friend says the element that was missing for the focus on natural hair. There's a vibrant interest in natural hair. I agree w/her on that point. And the segment w/the high school girls would have been a good place to add that segment.

Overall, I'm glad that I watched the movie and came away from it with my own opinion.

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