Monday, July 25, 2011

Music Monday 103 :: Amy Winehouse

Music Monday 103 :: Amy Winehouse

There's not much that I can say about Amy Winehouse, now that she's passed away, that hasn't already been said. Heck I said some things (good things) about her years ago before all of the cool kids picked up on her sultry singing.

Though I can't take credit for discovering Winehouse, I will say that I was an early adopter. Here's a blog post that I wrote about my first experience listening to Amy Winehouse; oh, and this one too with a few more details. The short story is that I fondly remember reading something by Questlove from The Roots where he was raving about Winehouse. So I went and searched online for her then latest project "Back to Black".  It was only avail from a UK website, but I bought it. I listened to it and thought it was okay; I proceeded to make a cd copy to give to my sister for Christmas. I thought that she would love it (my sister has recently admitted that she lost that cd ... smh).

Amy Winehouse (image credit: unknown)

I hadn't planned on listening to the cd again, but I did. Of course, I went on to love it and kept it in my heavy rotation for a quite while.

Looking back, I've written about Winehouse on this blog several times. But, boy, was I taken aback after re-reading this article about Winehouse in the Washington Post that was originally published in February of 2007. That was about the same time that I wrote my first blog post about Winehouse on this blog. The article ... well, the writer just nails it in terms of her future. But I think many music writers probably wrote this ending.

Regardless of how she died, we have lots of music from Winehouse to appreciate and videos to watch. Let's put a candle up for that girl with the great voice; gonna miss her sassy ass!

My fav: "You Know I'm No Good" Remix w/Ghostface Killah; "Frank" is also a fav.
Oh, and one more good read: A Tribute to Amy Winehouse from NPR's music blog.

Here's Winehouse's performance of "You Know I'm No Good"  - not the best quality (and her name's misspelled)!

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