Thursday, June 26, 2014

My Favorite iPad Apps :: Part 3 of 3

My Favorite iPad Apps :: Part 3 of 3

The apps in this short series are in my regular rotation - I use them daily.

Evernote logo borrowed from Assistive Technology

Evernote: A note-taking application.


  • This app has proven useful for me for grocery lists. I make the grocery list on one device and then make sure I sync devices before heading to the grocery store. The inclusion of the check box is simple yet helpful.
  • I audio record my students presentations, usually about 5 minutes. I also tag the notes and they're easy to access for grading.
  • For taking notes, meeting minutes and outlining presentations, it's nice to have some formatting options like italicizing and indentation.
  • My Instagram pics are automatically synced to Evernote thanks to ifttt.
  • The Evernote app is great for capturing business cards and organizing them, however, make sure you double check the details to make sure that it's correct.
  • Before I travel, I use Evernote Clipper to capture and file notes on places to go and things to do. I assume that I won't have Internet access and I'll activate Evernote Premium to access the folder offline.
  • I don't really use a calendar/task app, I sync my Google Calendar with my iPhone/iPad. Simple and easy. I also don't use the reminder option since I use that feature exclusively with Google Calendar.


  • I think the paid platform is too expensive for what you get and have access to.
  • With the paid platform, you get offline access, however, you have to download and sync in advance. Depending on the size of the notebook that you want to access offline, it could take some time for it to download.
  • I know that Evernote and Moleskin have a happy relationship, however, I have the Evernote Notebook by Moleskin and I'm not seeing the big difference between it and any other notebook.

Evernote is available for the iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

I hope that you've enjoyed the My Favorite iPad Apps series. Please share your thoughts on the Evernote app and the other apps in the series in the comments.

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