Tuesday, October 21, 2008

PCPGH 3 Post Mortem - Day 2

So, I don't have an updated logo that says "I attended Podcamp Pittsburgh 3", but it's all good.

I'm continuing today where I left off yesterday by recapping some of the sessions that I attended @ PCPGH3.

Taking Better Photos (entry to intermediate)
Nice session. He says he'll post his PowerPoint slides on SlideShare.com. Search Tibbon, though they are not there yet.
  • Mentioned some photo organizing programs like Aperture. Very cool. You can do some editing like cropping and it's non-destructive.
  • The importance of light and how to cope w/a lack of light
  • When you need to change perspective, move your feet as opposed to zoom in/out
  • Look for EXif data on your camera: give specifics about the settings used for each image (you can also take the picture, upload to Flickr. Flickr has the info. Info like aperture, ISO, etc.
  • strobist.blogspot.com: about lighting, gotta love it
  • KenRockwell.com: tons of photo taking knowledge
  • smugmug.com: photo storage site

Word Press Session
I'm considering moving my blog from Blogger to Word Press. I just want to make doing a podcast easier. I hear that it is super simple to upload podcast/audio using Word Press. I am still undecided.

Search-Engine-Friendly Blogging, or How to be #1 in Pretty Hats
This was one of my fav sessions. Just good info about keywords and using headers to your advantage. Oh, and just prior to this session, I learned that SEO means search engine optimization. See, you are learning too, right? The title stems from the session leaders blog post of an image and the post title was 'pretty hats'. So when you search that, you'll get her blog post.
  • Use a smart title tag
  • make proper use of heading tags
  • The right text content: check out Google's Adwords Keyword Tool
  • 1000 words is optimal; 250 = minimum blog post
  • Make appropriate inbound and outbound links: link to keywords and phrases
  • Include alt tags
  • Have an up-to-date site map (she sort of lost me on this one).
  • Websitehelpers.com (look for SEO 101)

Design: What Can It Do for You?
This session was okay.
  • Have adequate white space to let the elements breathe
  • Spacing is important
  • Resources for color: kuler.adobe.com, helps coordinate color combinations; also try colourlovers
  • Pay attention to typography, leading and line length
  • For templates, fonts and more ... check out SmashingMagazine

Twittering for Business
It was nice to see some clear examples of how companies are using Twitter. Check out Bigelow Tea. Comcast Cares.
  • Plurk.com is similar to Twitter, but you can keep up w/conversations better
  • Search for people and keywords on Search.Twitter.com
  • Companies can use Twitter as a customer service platform; it's customer service, just not via phone or in person
  • Do NOT just post links to the company website and do not spam
  • You do not have to follow everyone who follows you
  • Disclose who is Twittering (especially if it's not someone who works for the company, but is a paid outside consultant)
That's all I got for now. I need to further explore the information that I've posted over the past two days.

Oh, and if you're interested in attending a Podcamp, check out Podcamp.org. The dates for next year's Podcamp Ohio have been set: Saturday, June 20, 2009 @ Ohio State University in Columbus.

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At 10:09 PM, Blogger Craig said...

This is so well done. You have given me so much to strive for with my blogs and post...Thanks


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