Friday, May 08, 2009

Managing my Twitter Account

I've been using Twitter for what seems like a long time. I'll have to check to see when I registered my account. I like the microblogging thing. My brother thinks it's modern day stalking especially w/the pictures that tag your location. Yeah, there's that. But sometimes you just gotta live, right?

Even with all of the apps for Twitter, I still find myself using the Twitter Web site for my account. I like that the search bar is in the right column now.

So my frequent use of Twitter has lead me to use several Twitter apps. The one that I use most frequently is TwitterBar. TwitterBar is actually a Firefox add-on. I like being able to use the url box to post to Twitter ... that's because I always want to share whatever cool blogs and webbies that I am checking out. TwitterBar is the easiest way to do that. You can type the accompanying 140 character message there (and it has a character count) and it will shorten the url. Nice.

Next up for me is TweetDeck. I like this app because it let's me group my followers and it also now has the Facebook status updates. I don't use it all the time, but I like it. Interesting thing is that a competitor to TweetDeck has entered the room. It's called Seesmic. I have not tried it, but I did read a blow-by-blow comparison of TweetDeck v. Seesmic. And if all is right in the world, TweetDeck will step it up before I swing over to Seesmic.

I do have multiple Twitter accounts. I think I have four now including one for work. So I ventured to try out Splitweet. It's okay. I think I just need to get used to its interface. It did allow me hide accounts and also to post to more than one account at a time. That's kinda nice.

Oh, and how could I forget TweetLater. This one gets a lot of use from me. This is how I keep the accounts fresh that I don't tweet on regularly. I go in and schedule my tweets. At first I thought that I would not have any use to schedule tweets, but contrary. Again, I want to keep my lesser used accounts fresh and this is how I do it. I usually go in and schedule at least one tweet per day. Not too time consuming. TweetLater also is set up to follow those who follow me on certain accounts and to let me know when someone has mentioned me in a tweet. Cool.

Lastly, one of the first Twitter apps that I used was TwitterFeed. I've sort of forgotten about it because after the set up, the work is done - at least for me. TwitterFeed will take my blog posts and post to Twitter. That is perfect for me. Especially when I have post-dated blog posts.

Right now I'm looking for a mobile app for a non-iPhone phone. I used to be able to type in the Twitter address and review tweets, but that just stopping working on my phone about a month and a half ago. No one knows why.

Check out the ridiculous amount of Twitter apps.

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