Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Who Wants Cupcakes

I've decided that I don't like cakes and cupcakes as much as I like pies. I love, love pies. But I do like a nice, warm cake w/some ice cream.

But when I saw this cute little bakery the other day, I knew that I could not just ogle and move on ... at least not w/out a sample. It's such a happy and colorful place, but not over the top.

Bakery Gingham is nestled in the old town neighborhood of German Village in Columbus, Ohio. It's only so big, but big enough to have two nice sized display cases of sweet treats. I almost went for a cookie: snicker doodles, peanut butter, no bakes and more.

But then I sidled up to to the other display case where there was a nice selection of cupcakes including Red Velvet and Peanut Butter, but I settled on the Oreo's cupcake. The woman in the store said she liked it and said that it has almond in it and you can actually taste the almond.

I thought I would nibble on the cupcake later that day especially after having had a big breakfast, but no ... the thought of almond and Oreo's permeated my mind and I ripped into the cute little cupcake carry case and took a swipe at the icing. Not bad. I like whipped cream frosting, but this was not too sweet. Then I took a pinch of the cupcake ... ooooh. Yes! Then another pinch. Then just let me get that piece of Oreo ... you'd think I gobbled the entire thing up, but I did not. But it will be all gone soon though. Quite tasty says the pie lover.

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At 12:16 PM, Blogger Lara Kretler said...

I prefer pie to cake too, but I must admit I'm a sucker for cupcakes. Especially the little teeny tiny ones at - I blogged about them at


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