Monday, April 13, 2009

Music Monday 23 :: Yoko Ono & Peaches

"Kiss Kiss Kiss" is a very cool song. I absolutely love the tempo - upbeat. But that's electronica for ya. The song is rather simple. With the chorus mostly being repeated for the duration of the song. And the song isn't that long, 3:14.

It's written by Yoko Ono and performed by Peaches. But there's more history to it than that. Apparently "Kiss Kiss Kiss" was a track on a project by Ono and her 'mildly' famous hubby, John Lennon. This newer version appears on Ono's 2002 "Yes, I'm a Witch".

I got hip to the track when I was running a college radio station a few years back. I remember hearing it on a student dj's show and I remember liking it as much then as I do now.

This could be a good song to workout to ... it will definitely get the heart rate up. There is, however, a bit disturbing part of the song when a female is screaming 'murder' several times, but if you can get by that ... yeah, you can get by that ... Give it a listen.

Kiss Kiss Kiss - Yoko Ono & Peaches

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