Monday, September 05, 2011

Music Monday 108 :: Kanye West "Monster"

Music Monday 108 :: Kanye West "Monster"

I must admit that over time I've sort of lost interest in Kanye West. I used to thrive on his music. "Jesus Walks" was epic. And although his "George Bush doesn't care Black people" moment was priceless, his personality has been, mostly, a turnoff. I do, however, manage to keep one eye on him and his music has and does extend the possibilities for what is hip hop. (NOTE: I have, but haven't listened to "Watch the Throne.")

When I first heard "Monster" I may have cringed. I think it was the excessive use of profanity (see the lyrics to "Monster"). But somehow I ended up listening to it more than once and I now find it to be an exceptional track. It's not all Kanye either. Bon Iver. Rick Ross. Jay-Z. Nicki Minaj. I'm particularly surprised that I really love Nicki Minaj's part. Her lyrics aren't so empty as I'd expected. Oh, and I love how Kanye switches up the beat near the end of the track.

I usually listen to "Monster" at least once a day ... great motivation for the gym and working out.

Now, the video is another story ... I won't even embed it. I know that it's creative and what not, but ... well, if you want to check it out, then do that.

Kanye West - Monster [Official Video HD] - YouTube

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