Thursday, March 01, 2007

Jennifer and Forrest and Oscar

How about those Oscars? It was a long and daunting program - I believe it was nearly four hours! I had my step-dad record it, but the program was only scheduled for three hours. So I did not get a chance to see a replay of the Forrest Whitaker acceptance speech, at least not on the digital video recorder (DVR). I did end up seeing it replayed on Oprah the day after the Oscars.

It was exciting to see both Jennifer Hudson and Whitaker win. They both delivered heartfelt acceptance speeches. How about Hudson nabbing an Oscar on her first movie out the gate? Whitaker's films have had such depth and it was wonderful to see him receive such a high achievement. Though I have still not seen "The Last King of Scotland." It is scheduled to be released on DVD in April.
Ellen Degeneres was okay as a host, the Dreamgirls performance was nice; I want to see "The Queen"; awesome to see Martin Scorese win - finally! And to be given the award by the three legendary directors: Steven Spielberg, Francis Ford Coppola and George Lucas.

It was not the best Oscars program that I've seen ... it moved along too slowly w/too many miscellaneous awards being handed out back-to-back.
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