Thursday, March 22, 2007

Movie Review: "I Think I Love My Wife"

When I saw this title, I thought "What the hell is this?" and there are black people involved ...? AND Chris Rock is spearheading this ...? Is he playing Pookie for real? Even after I saw the trailer for the movie, I was more convinced that it was not something that I wanted to consume.

So, give me a stressful work week and the ability to procrastinate and I end up filling one of 70+ seats in a near vacant, but new movie theater. Somewhere along the way someone told me that they'd seen a decent movie review on this flick. I must say that I was not persuaded by seeing Rock promote the movie on the various talk shows.

So I'll tell you what I can without giving the movie away. I do not like Kerry Washington's role; it seems to rely too strongly on her looks. She also has a way of smiling that is forced and annoying and how much effort does it take to play a homewrecker ...? But I guess someone has to do it, eh?

The woman who plays Rock's wife, Gina Torres, in the film is really

Laurence Fishburn's wife. She was okay. But I think that was intentional; she was not supposed to be this standout character.

What I did not like was the gratuitous profanity! And I am not being prudish. It just seemed as if it was thrown in to make it a 'grown up' movie. I mean the movie does not deserve an 'R' rating.

So what did I like about it ...? It did not end quite the way that I thought it would ... it's a different movie at least in terms of seeing black actors on the big screen (though it is a remake and there was some typical black folks kind of violence) ... hhhhuuuuumm, there had to be something else, I mean that's 90 minutes of my life that I can't get back! But that's also 90 minutes of my life that I wanted to get away from ... so if your having the kind of day that I was having and you have a couple of bucks for an inexpensive matinee, ney, $5, then check it out. Otherwise, wait until a friend gets it on Netflix and when they're done, ask if you can borrow it ... it's not bad, it's just forgettable!

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