Thursday, March 15, 2007

Who knew ... ?

... that the funeral business has incorporated technology into the funeral ceremonies? Well, my maternal grandfather recently passed away and it wasn't as difficult of a time as I thought it would be. I held up okay. I even had a role in the ceremony - I read the obituary; while reading the obituary, I took the liberty announce that I was my grandfather's favorite grandchild - it was one of the rare moments of laughter during that time though my sister said that she did not think it was funny ...

Despite the occasion, it was wonderful to see my relatively large extended family. I saw cousins that I hadn't seen in years and met some second cousins for the first time. Also, my parents have been divorced for some time, so I was pleasantly surprised when my dad and my step-mother showed up; that was a very nice gesture.

Now, back to the technology: well, there was a slide show w/the lots of photos and an accompanying song. It was just right. But I was just surprised then I noticed a projection screen coming down and I thought, what is this? I'm sure some folks have incorporated video and so much more. I think it is a great addition to an otherwise somber situation.

The next thing was the funeral program. Extremely elaborate! A true keepsake - as you can see, but I did not scan in the bookmark that came w/the program. What's most interesting about the funeral program is that it was designed by my truly talented brother! He is a creative genius. period. So much so that the funeral home was totally impressed and he will probably get some freelance work out of the situation!

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