Monday, March 05, 2007

Why is it so hard to do the right thing ... ?

I know that I am not the only one surprised by the recent arrest of Akron Buchtel football coach Claude Brown. This specifc story may be unfamilar to you, however, it is a story that you have heard before: Teacher/Coach has 'consensual' sex with a student/minor.


I am only surprised because I wonder why someone who has worked so hard at achieving certain goals in their life would put it all on the line for a few moments of pleasure ... I mean, how difficult can it be to find someone to have sex with who is at least over the age of say 20 or 21? Someone unattached to the school or organization that employs you ...? It just seems so reckless and it seems that way because it is!

And in this case, Brown won't be able to work for a school system again/ever! If coaching is/was his passion, why would he jeopardize the situation ... ? Oh, and I did not even mention the fact that he is married.

So, I've been trying to rationalize this situation from the coach's perspective, but how about the 17-year-old female student's involvement ... should there be some accountability on her behalf? I mean, Brown and the alleged victim have confessed to having 'consensual' sex on at least three occasions since December. Is a 17-year-old female aware of the consequences in a situation like this? If they were having unprotected sex, she could get pregnant; she could be a social pariah for ruining the coach's career and his marriage ...

It really is just an unfortunate situation ... I am just baffled that many men can not control their libido ... it seems to be such an easy solution.

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