Friday, May 18, 2007

A few things to ponder...

On a recent trip I pondered the following:

Should people be allowed to talk on cell phones during flights?

  • I say no! Some people are loud enough w/o a cell phone; there are so many distractions - crying babies, coughing and sneezing, beverages being dispensed, flight altitude updates; and when things finally settle down, it is somewhat nice to relax.

How many people know that McDonald's and Chipotle used to be in the same bed?

  • Well, the real question is, what difference does it make? Chipotle's got da bomb buritos, eh?
  • I don't think a lot of people know or knew; however, I don't think McD's got involved as a replacement for their cash cow; McD's was an investor from 97-05, 06

The Starbucks Strategy: No Freebies, ever!

  • Come Starbucks, stop being so greedy! Can I get a freebie after I've purchased, say 70 tall, non-fat lattes? My nearby Circle K will give me a freebie after I've gulped down 8 cups of java (and much less expensive)

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