Saturday, April 14, 2007

So many questions and queries ... ?

  • I'm was starting to wonder if a certain American Idol contestant was beginnning to believe all the hype ... ?

  • How/why is it that some airlines adhere to rules on check in baggage and others do not ... ?

  • I've concluded that I am strongly in favor of the U.S. troops pulling out of Iraq ... does anyone else feel emotionally stripped when watching the names of the fallen soldiers on This Week on ABC ... ?

  • I don't drink alcohol, smoke or do illegal drugs ... is it okay if my vice is cussing ... ?

  • What is wrong w/the fact that I am just now getting around to fulfilling one of my New Year's Resolutions ... ?

  • Can you think of one really good reason why I should attend my college reunion ...?

  • I'm wondering, was I really unaffected by the premature implimentation of Daylight Saving Time ... ?

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