Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Oh, the web we weave ...

I have so much to blog about, but I am going to have focus.

Don Imus - shock jock made some insensitive comments about the Rutgers Women's Basketball Team who lost to the University of Tennessee in the NCAA Women's Final Four in Cleveland, Ohio.

I want to say that I don't have much to say on this topic and that is true. But here is a synopsis of what I've thought on this topic:

  • I am not surprised about his comments about the Rutgers Women's Basketball Team
  • I am not certain that his apology is sincere
  • I am thinking that he is a bigot and does not fully recognize the attributes of bigotry or that he possesses the characteristics of a bigot
  • I am glad that the Rutgers Women's Basketball Team held a press conference so that people can see that they are human beings and not just a nameless, faceless group of people
  • I am impressed that the Rutgers Women's Basketball Team plans to meet with Imus
  • I totally see how Imus could be flippant with his remark; as the rap/hip hop genre has surely used the term with nothing but derogatory connotations
  • A two week suspension is not nearly enough time for an egregious comment of this magnitude
  • What type of affect will this situation have on advertisers on Imus' show? And will that affect be shortlived like the Nike/Kobe relationship?
  • I'd love to see a spoof on this on The Boondocks

Pacman Jones - NFL football player (Titans) has had several run-ins with the law; as a result the NFL has suspended him for the entire 2007 football season without pay.

Additionally, the NFL suspended Chris Henry (Bengals) for eight games.

  • This really sets a precedent! I am surprised that the NFL finally to a stance on this issue
  • Will this suspension send a message to other athletes to get their lives in order?
  • But what is Pacman really guilty of? True, he's been arrested and charged, but what has been the outcome of those charges?

That's all for now ... more to come!

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