Tuesday, May 22, 2007

More pondering...

More of my wild, yet intriguing thoughts:

Internet access when on the road

  • I found this to be somewhat challenging and in the end frustrating. I do own a laptop, so I expect to have some options for accessing the internet. And I don't want to pay some flat fee that give me access for 24 hours; I'm only trying to check email and enjoy my travel destination.
  • The hotel did not even offer free wifi in the hotel lobby, which I thought was standard; same for the conference hotel.
  • Usually, the conference will set up a location where conference attendees can check email; no, no, no, not this conference, not this time.

  • How about the airport...? There is usually at least one free wifi hot spot; okay, so there was, but I did not have time to access it and when I had a very lenghty layover, I was unable to connect (for whatever reason). Oh, and how about a free wifi hot spot with some electrical outlets nearby ...
Battery life on laptops

  • This is way past annoying! Who creates/designs these things? I think my battery life is about an hour. Again, that could be fine when I can successfully connect to some free wifi in a matter of minutes, but when there technical glitches, one hour is not enough time

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