Monday, January 05, 2009

Music Monday 9 :: Ben Lee "Catch My Disease"

This song has been on the tip of my tongue for weeks, but I could not remember much about it. I knew and know that I like it. I love the uptempo beat and it sounds so fun. It's a spirit lifter for me. Brings me joy and excitement. Makes me smile. Maybe that's the disease that he alludes to. Oh and the lyrics are cool.

Anyway, I recalled that the artist was named 'Ben' and I sort of had the melody in my head. I had tried searching 'Ben' and 'singer' but I got Ben Folds and Ben Harper; great guys and musicians, but not who I was seeking at the time.

Then one day the word 'catch' came to mind as I was thinking of the song and then that was my Google search: singer named ben 'catch'. Love that Google.

So let me pull it all together here. The artist is Ben Lee. The song is "Catch My Disease".

Other Ben Lee and "Catch My Disease" Resources:
I hope that you enjoy this song as much as I do. I like the syncopation and the bells; I think it sounds like a xylophone. When is the last time you heard a xylophone on a record? Good stuff.

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