Monday, June 01, 2009

Music Monday 29 :: Denyce Graves

I recently saw Denyce Graves perform in Columbus, Ohio. I did not know what to expect. I've been to an opera before, but not a performance by a solo opera singer. I thought that after a while, it would be slow and somewhat boring. It was totally not that.

The performance was recital style. She was accompanied by her pianist Warren Jones.

It was a fabulous show. Graves' voice is phenomenal. Just so rich and full. Of course she did the piece from "Carmen". Love that. But she also did some little ditties that she called 'half minute' pearls of wisdom - hilarious. They were indeed wise words and often funny and on point. I should have written one or two of them down. It was so unexpected.

It was also nice that prior to some pieces, she would give some background information. Her preview was quite entertaining.

She looked wonderful. She first came out in a blue gown. Then following the intermission, she wore a yellow gown. I liked yellow gown best.

I had a chance to interview Graves the day before her performance and she mentioned that one of her most memorable performances was at the 9/11 Ceremony at the National Cathedral in Washington, DC. There she sang "America the Beautiful" and "The Lord's Prayer". Her version of "America the Beautiful" will bring tears to your eyes. It does for me. Unfortunately, I've been unable to locate her version on the Web. You'll have to settle for "Carmen". I'm certain that you will love it, heck, you might even come away thinking that you've got the chops to sing "Carmen"... nothing wrong w/singing along.

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