Monday, June 08, 2009

Music Monday 30 :: Trombone Shorty

I got a frantic call from my girlfriend during the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. She was excited because she'd just seen Trombone Shorty perform. But she goes on to squeal that Wynton Marsalis 'dropped' in on the jam session too and took it to another level.

Trombone Shorty is Troy Andrews. He's a 23 year old trombone and trumpet player. Actually, after attending a jazz workshop this past weekend, I learned that he plays 12 instruments. Incredible.

He's proudly from New Orleans. His resume is impressive - especially since he's only 23. He used to play w/Lenny Kravitz and he now has his own band, Orleans Avenue.

When he walked into the room the other day, he looked like an average teenage guy: tshirt, jeans, sneakers. And I do mean teenage. He looks younger than he is; at least he did the other day.

Trombone Shorty's quite personable. It was nice to sit in on a session where they played a little and he and some of his band members answered questions. I was even more impressed to see some of the young people ask some questions.

So what's all the hype about? Oh, just a legend in the making.

Here's a vid of Trombone Shorty w/a 'short note' on the trumpet.

This is a vid of a showdown w/Trombone Shorty and Wynton Marsalis, both on trumpet (this might be the session that my friend witnessed).

If you want more ... go out and get it. It's there for your enjoyment.
NOTE: image borrowed from the Houston Institute for Culture

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