Monday, September 19, 2011

Music Monday 109 :: Discovering New Music

Music Monday 109 :: Discovering New Music

As I was thinking of a music related blog post for this week, I decided that I wanted to focus on some new music. Problem is, I don't recall hearing any new music lately. Well, I did hear the latest from Cee-lo "Cry Baby". But I've written about Cee-lo several times already and so I want to go in another direction.

So I started to think of places where I go to discover new music and not hip hop. I get a lot of hip hop already and I know precisely where to find new hip hop music.

Here are just to share a few of my resources for discovering new music:

thesixtyone is killer when it comes to discovering cool, new music. There's such a variety there and the layout of the website is attractive and fun.

NPR's Fall Preview 2011
National Public Radio (NPR) is always a good bet for finding new music. But this Fall Preview should offer up some good listening options. I only listened to a few; I thought they were okay, but nothing that really got me to say Oh-emm-gee!

Here are a few things I saw while doing a quick search on the topic. I haven't had a chance to follow up on these though (and when will I have the time):
So there you go, let's all discover some new tunes. Oh, but one more thing, how do you go about discovering new music?

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