Thursday, November 06, 2008

Election Night Excitement

I don't normally do politics on my blog. I just don't want to get into that discussion w/the general public. It's bad enough that my walking group and I discuss politics on a regular basis in addition to lengthy discussions w/most of my family and friends.

It was just astronomically wonderful to watch Election Night returns! There was such a positive energy. I don't have cable, so I mostly watched NBC and CBS (just a pinch of PBS, but it was too boring; they did a much better job w/the debates). I did not watch ABC because I do not get a clear picture - what will I do when the analog signal goes away?

My neighbor stopped by after telling me that she was exhausted, but yes, everyone wanted to see how this one would go down. I was checking Twitter and Facebook to see what the activity was like on those platforms too. Just constant updates.

And to see the announcement come down was euphoric. All I noticed on the TV screen was a giant graphic that had a picture of Barack Obama and underneath it said "44th President of the United States". I just got goosebumps writing that. Incredible. Then they cut to Grant Park. I can only wish I was there. But I did feel that atmosphere. I still feel it today and I imagine that I will feel it for the weeks and months to come.

I'm making plans to be in the nation's capitol on the Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Holiday - Monday, January 19, 2009 and then the next day, I hope President Obama will have a public event that I will attend on Tuesday, January 20, 2009! I will be there - for sure.

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