Wednesday, July 01, 2009

MOVIE REVIEW: "The Hangover"

Movie Review: "The Hangover"

"The Hangover" is a boy movie. I think I only know of one other woman who's seen it. But make no mistake, this is a funny movie! And I do mean "laugh-out-loud" funny. Love that. There are, however, some gender specific antics. Be warned.

What makes it funny? Great chemistry among the four major characters and a really good story line. I think that you could predict the ending, but you certainly could not have guessed how they got to the end.
  • Zach G is a show stealer. He seemed a bit obnoxious to start, but he held his own and had several organically funny moments.
  • Bradley Cooper is super duper eye candy!
  • I did not know Ed Helms' name before I began to write this blog post. I could only recall him as the guy from "The Office". He was a riot as Stu in "The Hangover". The mystery of the missing tooth was quite comical.
The three of these guys had the most screen time and it was fun to watch how they pieced together what they could not remember on their own.

Oh, and how could I forget Mike Tyson. His role was a good fit and even more laughter.

I'd like to pick out a funniest part in the film, but I don't want to give anything away to someone who has not seen the movie yet.

The one thing I will say is that there were several times when I thought they/the writers tried too hard for laughs and there's one scene in particular that was not funny, but it went too long anyway. The crude boy parts were annoying for me because it's so fourth grade and there were too many of those instances in the movie.

Nevertheless, I'm anxiously trying to figure out if I can squeeze this into my viewing schedule again before it leaves the theaters.

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