Monday, June 22, 2009

Music Monday 32 :: Dorothy Moore "Misty Blue"

Dorothy Moore's "Misty Blue" (1976)

I'm feeling nostalgic these days and thinking of some oldies. Dorothy Moore's "Misty Blue" is a classic. And it solely reminds me of my grandmother - my father's mom, Nellie.

I have such good memories of spending time at her house when I was growing up. It was always busy at her house. If there was one child in the house, there were five. She would cook for us; she would load us up and take us to the race track w/her. It was always something and it was always so much fun.

But one day she had the 45 of Dorothy Moore's "Misty Blue" on. It played once, then twice, then three times ... well, of course the kids got restless hearing the same ole slow song play over and over again. But my cousin Phil (somehow) got bold enough to go over to the record player and take it off. There was a moment of silence ... and then I think she threw a shoe at him after bellowing "Get away from there!". There may have even been profanity. We all giggled and scattered throughout the house. Hilarious.

The point of a never-ending cycle of Dorothy Moore's "Misty Blue" is only apparent to me now, some 30+ years later. The lyrics are quite short and simple. But it's the strength, confidence and passion of her delivery ... so smooth and seasoned!

Here's a live version of the track:

Misty Blue - Dorothy Moore

Many folks have covered this song, but Dorothy Moore's version is a stand out!

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