Wednesday, November 12, 2008

If I Could be a Writer ...

I discovered a blog called the One Minute Writer. It is as simple as it states. So I will get right to today's topic:

A career as a writer for me would consist of writing about hip hop. Love, love, love the music and the culture. I've been w/it since its inception. I've seen the growth and what I thought was its demise (gangsta rap). I don't necessarily want to travel the world w/the artists, but I'd really like to focus on the music and the culture w/o having to travel. For example, focus on the clothing trends. I can just watch that from the community. It's right there in the people. They take elements of what they see and feel in hip hop and make it their own. Though I would like to see a concert or two.

I would continue to follow the independent hip hop world as I do on my Indy Hip Hop World blog. That's where my heart is. I do like a good amount of mainstream artists, but the ones I like did indeed have humble beginnings too.

So if I could have a career as a writer that would be my beat ...

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