Thursday, January 08, 2009

My resolve in ... '09

I am getting into a little rhythm as it relates to making goals annually. Check out my '08 list and my '07 list.

I did okay for '08. I'm pleased w/the out come, but it could have been different.

When making this list, I try not to make it too complicated or create something that will cause me to disappoint myself in the end ... really it is just of things that I would like to do, but if I don't do it, oh, darn.

So here I go ... I am carrying over three things from the '08 list:
  • snowboarding lesson
  • travel (by airplane) to at least two cities I have never been to before
  • run at least two 5Ks
I've selected these because I like them as personal thing I enjoy. Unfortunately, I've had snowboarding on the list for two years or more, but it is going to go down this year.

I already have some travel on my radar and I have my passport too, so the travel part could be really fun.

In my effort to keep in shape, I think the goal of more than one 5k is doable.

Here's what's new:
  • learn Spanish - I've already started on this one by joining Live Mocha (and using it; it's a social media platform for learning languages), but I plan to enroll in a course as well
That in addition to this little list that I compiled based on the "Your 3 Goals for 2009" blog post from Twitterati (top Twitterers) Chris Brogan:
  • Enjoy: I plan to enjoy my life even the frustrating parts
  • Educate: I've been soaking up knowledge like a sponge, time to share the love
  • Explore: This should tie in nicely w/my travel goal, but gives me reason to learn more
I know, it sounds like it could be the slogan for a children's museum, but like Brogan says, you want a goal that you can attain, but after you reach it you still have more to strive for.

And for me this is the stuff that might have gotten pushed aside, I still plan to meditate and workout and be more social. Good stuff indeed.

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