Monday, November 17, 2008

Music Monday 2 :: DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince

So it's only the second week of my Music Mondays and guess what? It's a hip hop throw back. Yeah.

My friends, Ericka and Dell, were talking about Will Smith pre-Will Smith = The Fresh Prince. I had mentioned his recent sit down w/Oprah and that he is such a likable guy. They concurred and Ericka went on to mention her fav Will Smith song - "Miami", which was indeed in the Will Smith era.

But I remember DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince like it was yesterday. I was trying to think of the song about girls and that would be "Girls Ain't Nuthin But Trouble". My other favs along w/"Parents Just Don't Understand" are all quite popular: "Nightmare On My Street" and "Summertime". I love the Kool and the Gang riff that flows through "Summertime" and the fact that the scene he describes in Philly was quite similar to a the summer hang out scene in Cincinnati - hangin out in Eden Park.

I like the story telling aspect of their songs. They always paint a picture for you. And you gotta love the vid. So comical. I thought it was comical back then and I think it's funny now as well. Oh, and the music. What is that from? A TV show. I think it's "Bewitched"...

So if you get a chance, check out the DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince Discography. You can check it out even if your memory is not shoddy like mine. Oh and do tell about your fav Jazzy Jeff/Fresh Prince/Will Smith jam.

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