Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Social Media Usage

I've been using social media for a bit. I jumped onto Facebook some time ago when I could hardly track down my students. But when I'd contact them through Facebook, they would immediately respond. Now Facebook is crammed. It's interesting to see the folks who are now jumping on board - the late comers. Some want to know what all the hype is about. I basically tell them that they can keep up w/me w/o ever actually talking to me (or others). Like eavesdropping.

I've been on MySpace for a while too. Though it is not my fav. Just too flashy and I do mean crazy graphics and blinkies. But I still go there to check out artists and to listen to music and see tour schedules.

I have not been Twittering for long. I checked it out for longer than normal to try and get the gist of it. I like the definition of micro blogging. I sort of use it as a daily diary; more like what I'm doing or going to be doing. Sometimes I use it to drive traffic to one of my blogs. I just try to keep it basic. I do like the way that Chris Brogan uses it. He shares a wealth of information it is so SM (social media).

The other SM platform that I've been on, but was slow to get fully emersed is LinkedIn. My friend Tonja mentioned it to me as a way to network. To especially get in touch w/say, HR folks who might otherwise be unreachable. I know that would not work as well today now that the platform is popular and seeking to expand.

There are some other areas that I've recently gotten involved in:

  • FriendFeed
  • LiveMocha
  • Utterz

Here are the platforms that I rarely use:

  • Last.Fm
  • Hulu

Platforms that I'm aware of, but not interested in or yet to jump in:

  • Plurk
  • Flock
  • Multiply
  • Spokeo
That should tide you over for a minute or do tell about your social media experience.

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