Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Techie Me

I'm not the techiest techie out there, but I investigate and I can keep up w/the best of them.

So here's a little look into what I'm using to do what I do - which, by the way, is not so much.

digital camera: Canon Powershot A570 IS
--I do like my digi camera. Lots of picture settings to choose from though I don't stray much from indoor and nighttime, I know, shame on me. Now that I'm familiar with some of the features, I may venture out and try some of the manual settings. The only drawback is the batteries - it will eat them up. I've found that the lithium batteries last the longest - not the Duracells.

photo editing software: Picasa3
--Gotta love Google and all of their products, at least I do. Picasa is my new bestest friend. I love all of its capabilities like the varies effects that you can add to your pics; I use the text component the most-you can add text to your pics using the fonts that are on your computer; you can create mosaics and slide shows and vides in no time. And it's all free, just download the software.

audio recorder: Zoom H2 Recorder
--I don't actually have this in my hand, but I will. I've used it and I am really comfortable with it. It picks up audio really well even without a line in microphone. You can use batteries or the AC power source; you can choose the recording format: wav, mp3 and the sample rate too. The price is not about $160.

cell phone: LG Musiq
--I love my celly. I can get the Internet; use my phone as a modem when I want to use my laptop to get the Internet; takes decent pics; use it as a music player; oh, and of course, talk on it. I've been using it alot lately to text for Twitter and Facebook.

mp3 player: Zen Stone
--I like this baby. It holds 2G of audio; allows me to record as well as listen to the FM radio. The only setback is that it has to charge up via the USB and a computer.

laptop: Sony Vaio (older version)
--A friend gave me this laptop after my last one crashed on me - big time. Although it's an old model, it works very nicely. For example, I have a Motorola wireless card and it works nicely. I also have the Microsoft Office Suite on here and I did not have that on my personal laptop. The only downside is that it is weighty along w/the power source.

audio editing: Audacity (but dying to have Adobe Audition)
--Luckily, I have not had to do a great deal of audio editing personally. I love audio editing and I am in love with Adobe Audition. Audacity is nice since it is free, but it does not do the trick for me.

Other useful tools:
The Font Thing
--To organize and view my fonts; very convenient and it's free software

--This is an awesome program that creates mini movie trailers with the pics that you provide; you can add music of your own or from their library. Very cool and free.

This is all rather simple. I've always said that it's not the technology, but the story you are trying to tell. You could use PowerPoint and get it done. Be resourceful.

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