Friday, August 31, 2007

It's that time of year ...

... you know, back to school; teachers and students; fall; apple season.

I love apples. My favs are fuji and braeburns! But a red delicious is cool too! Granny Smith's are okay, but I don't buy them, though I would not turn one down.

So here is my tribute to one of my favorite fruits: apples.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Fresh Faces

I am preparing for a new crop of fresh faces. That's right Fall college courses are scheduled to begin next week.

My schedule includes teaching News Writing and Reporting and Media Law. On top of Convergent Media. I like the course selection. Let's hope that no one student is planning to take all three at the same time; I won't permit that. Maybe two of the three, but not all three at once. The good thing about the courses, or not so good, is that the courses do not have exams! There is, however, a great deal of writing.

I need to tweak my syllabi ...

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Online Auction Tips and Technique

I recently sat in on an eBay seminar hosted by the United States Post Office. And yes, they are in bed together and what a fruitful relationship it appears to be.

It was a three hour session and I came away w/a wealth of knowledge. Including information about the various fees that will be assessed as a part of the eBay selling process; though it is not too excessive or expensive. I learned about the various shipping options; and that the USPS will come to your home to pick up packages - FREE of charge. Love that. And they'll send you FREE boxes! I say, "What can brown do for you?" Get in the game, brown ... get in the game.

Now, I attended this seminar because I am planning to divest a good portion of my material goods over the next few months. My wares include lots and lots of clothes! I don't know that I can part w/my personal library and/or my cd collection ... but the clothes must go.

Oh and how about this ... in the event that my life just gets too hectic and I conclude that there is absolutely no way that I can put the three hours worth of knowledge to use, I learned that I could utilize the services of a trading assistant. A trading assistant is a person who does the work for you; like cosignment, but on eBay. Of course, the trading assistant will take a cut - 33%, so I'm told. But you know, 67% profit for doing nothing ain't bad especially since you would have otherwise received nothing.

So the next time you're sniffing around eBay, lurking and trying to win the auction that I'm biddin fiercely on ... yeah, I've seen you out there ... no, you just go in another direction, but then again, I shouldn't be biddin anyway, right ... ? Cause I'm supposed to be purgin and not purchasin ... oh, and about the seminar, if you have the time and there is one in your area, I say check it out. At the very least, try to get the packet that they issued. Good stuff.

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Friday, August 10, 2007

The White-Baer Wedding

What a good time. I have managed to avoid being in a wedding until now ... I don't think anyone has had an experience quite like this one. I am so pleased that I accepted the invitation to be in this wedding.

Now, I would not normally blog about something as personal as a wedding, but Ryan White and April Baer have been publically writing and blogging about this event for some time, so the gate has been opened.

The sign that it would be a worry-free affair began at the bridal shower when the bride-to-be told me that I could wear the dress I had on at the bridal shower to the wedding ... well, thanks, but no thanks. But what she intended to say was that it would be a laid back and stressless affair. I did end up selecting a dress from my wardrobe that was more like 'I'm a bridesmaid' and less like 'I'm attending the wedding'.

The affair was in the state's capital and the weather cooperated, if heat index of 90 is deemed cooperation; it could have been thunderstorms, which is what we got on Sunday, the day after the wedding. Oh, did I say that it was an outdoor wedding ... yeah, at 2 p.m. It was indeed brief, maybe 20 minutes, then to the cool reception hall.

The couple thanked their families prior to saying the vows and I thought that was a nice gesture. They had a celebrant officiate the wedding - don't ask ...

Then it was eating and dancing and drinking, well, folks had been drinking for quite sometime ... and this is where the story ends. When alcohol has been consumed from 2 in the afternoon until 2 in the morning, there are more than enough stories that can not be told here ... let's just say that it was a festive and memorable wedding - my first wedding as a bridesmaid. Oh, and no, the bride will NOT be changing her last name - here's why.

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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

It's hot!

Here are some of the things I've heard over the past few days:

"It's hot!"
"I'm burning up"
"It's like an oven out here"
"Is it hot enough for you?"
"Can't beat this heat!"
"Keepin cool ...?"

Nothing original here ... just the typical quips. I'm sure that you've heard your share of these types of things too.

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