Sunday, September 24, 2006

the advice no one adheres to ... driving 101

So my life in small town Ohio mostly brings me much peace and tranquility, but that's primarily when I'm in my humble lil abode.

Upon my daily depart from my comfortable home, I often have to deal with drivers who apparently got their driver's licenses from a shoddy mail in service. The misjudgement of speed happens all too often. Say, I'm driving along at the 'posted' speed limit and another motorist who is not so patient decide to mosey (sp) out into traffic at a speed slower than mine. I wish people would think this through - heck, it could save their life AND mine.

Then there are the people who drive in the passing lane and just ride it out. Okay, it is understandable to make the transition to the passing lane if you are going to turn left, but even then, you do not need to ride in that lane for two miles prior to the turn, do you?

Oh, let me indulge you in one more ... drivers and high beam lights! How many times have I been damn near blinded by the bright lights of another oncoming motorist??? Can someone please publish this apparently unwritten rule: When you see another motorist approaching, turn your high beams off! It is a simple task. Work with me ...

And sometimes it is not always drivers. What is it with pedestrians, runners in particular, who decide that it is okay to walk/run alongside a four lane highway where the speed limit is 55? I mean it would be so uncool for these people to be healthy, yet dead ... and just so you know, there is NOT a 'pedestrians crossing the road sign' in my neck of the woods! Nor should there be ...

Bikers, let me not disclude you ... you do not have a motor on that two wheeled baby! Though you do look good in your colorful gear, you have to know that not everyone will be courteous to you on the four lane highway. I'm not certain what it will mean that you wore a helmet while bicycling on a four lane highway ...

You see, I kind of expect that a deer might decide to leap into the path of my vehicle, but people, people, people - be smarter. I mean trying to walk/run closest to the left side of the white line, might not be the wisest decision that you have ever made. Sometimes, I just want to ride my car horn, to scare the hell out of them and to remind them of who this pavement was really designed for ... mean girl ...? Yeah, but don't tell me you've never had a mean thought in your entire life, eh???

This is not road rage or even aggressive driving on my behalf ... no, this is just annoyance from the cautious one. Just remember, Radiogirl loves you.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Increasingly Tech Saavy

In the past few weeks I have experienced several tech victories alongside some tech letdowns!

Tech victories: 2
Tech letdowns: 1, but on a major scale

  • I've learned that my resolve is wider than the Cuyahoga River (and btw, that's not so wide, however, it is considerably better than I'd thought).
  • I've learned to troubleshoot my own computer issues, rather than call on IT (I have, on occasion, yelled down the hall - doesn't mean that help arrives, but it certainly give the issue some warranted attention).
  • I've learned that when I don't call on IT, they end up coming around anyway because they somehow find out my issues and come to fix what I shouldn't be doing in the first place which is hacking around their territorial network
  • I've learned that when IT finally arrives, just pack your things and go home for the day (or in my case, make small conversation while cleaning my 'once-upon-a-time' neat and tidy office; still not neat and tidy, but neater and tidier than prior to the IT visit).
  • I've learned that when IT finally completes the task and the computer is up and running as if nothing ever happened, I should send IT a thank you note and/or gift (I'm sure I've taken away four completely valuable hours of their life that they will never get back - and maybe throw in a copy of the latest Wired).
  • I've learned that I, too, have tenacity, resilience and most importantly, patience - who needs IT when you have all that...? Well, more minutes in a day is also a must have!

Here's to computer geeks, gurus and gems like me.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

a matter of all things random

Small stuff that's on my mind:

  • There is a lot going on these days. And if you are a sports hound, then you must be in heaven. College football is back at it as is the NFL. Add in the U.S. Open action and it does not seem as if you can get out of the house, not even to stretch your legs.
  • The gas prices in my neck of the woods have dropped dramatically. Of course, they always seem to be at the lowest after I fill up the tank. I spotted gas @ $2.18 a gallon at two separate place today. Not bad.
  • The Fall TV viewing season is slowing starting back up. I aim to watch "Studio 50" on NBC; "Ugly Betty" on ABC and although they are not new, I plan to check out several shows on the new CW including "Everybody Hates Chris."
  • I am such a sponge for reality TV. I have seen only some of VH1's Celebreality block. However, I must say "The Flavor of Love" is such a no brainer and I can see why people waste away watching it. I actually enjoy Celebrity Fit Club, but I can't definitively say why. Do I enjoy seeing people suffer and/or experience emotional break downs on television? I have not however, enjoyed CBS' "Big Brother." I don't know which is more harmful to me emotionally Flava Flav or Julie Chen (I think Chen does more damage; something about her switching from journalist mode to hip chick just reeks with me).
  • Speaking of reality TV: on deck "Survivor" goes racial. Sure over the past few seasons we can count how many minorities have been on the show. Crazy thing is with this racially divided "Survivor," I don't think it will draw more viewers except for maybe on the first episode. Heck, don't people just watch to see some part of themselves on the screen? As in "could I do that?" "If that was me, I'd ___." I'll check out the show, like I have for the past few seasons. I don't record it on my DVR, but I hope to keep up with it one way or another.
  • More on Reality TV, though just briefly: "Amercia's Next Top Model" and "Project Runway." I watch both of these shows. Good stuff too. "Runway" seems to have some real purpose outside of the requisite drama. Nice to see some up and coming designers ideas come to fruition. And the challenges don't seem to be too outrageous. Sometimes the challenges on ANTM are just a bit much. And I am not a fan of Jay on that show. He's so contradictory.

Let me go away for now and ponder how I am going to win the latest Mega Millions pot - it's is well beyond 100 mil. But what you did not know is that I am only gunning for a mil. If you have any tips, shoot them my way. I've been playing the auto pick - might have to shake up that strategy, huh?

radiogirl loves you ... schmooches all around!