Monday, March 30, 2009

Music Monday 21 :: Run DMC 2009 Rock Hall Inductees

Music Monday 21 :: Run DMC

So the big day is approaching ... another hip hop group is being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. The first was Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five. Love that.

Saturday, April 4, 2009 is the day and it's exciting. I like all the fan fare that leads up to the induction ceremony. And it will be even more frenetic with this year's festivities taking place in Cleveland. Yay, for the northcoast.

Well, what can I say about the legendary Run DMC that has not already been said? I've never been a Run DMC fan; at least not like that. I have never owned a pair of Adidas. I did not "Walk This Way". You get the point. But of course, I like their music. Was crazy about Jam Master Jay too. I just got a thing for djs. Oh and I am sure that I have seen Run DMC in concert at least once.

The only thing that had me a bit miffed was that Run DMC is being introduced by Eminen at the induction ceremony. That just left me with a 'wtf' kinda feeling. And to learn that Run DMC wanted Enimen to introduce them just leaves me pale (and that ain't an easy thing for me to do, knowwhatimsayin?). Ya coulda got Rick Rubin. Russell Simmons. But that would be too obvious. Whatever fellas ...

Here's to Run DMC!

Rock Hall info:

King Of Rock - Run DMC

What's you fav Run DMC song? Let's put that out there.
image borrowed from TheBoomBoxNYC

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Music Monday 20 :: India Arie

written by guest blogger Ifelicious
freelance writer/blogger living in Columbus, OH

India Arie
"Testimony: Vol. 2 Love and Politics”

India Arie has long been chicken soup for a woman’s soul. I was excited to check out her newest album “Testimony: Vol. 2 Love and Politics.” She brings the India Arie we have known and grown to love but a little more seasoning on the lighthearted side than in albums past with songs like “Therapy” and “Chocolate High” (featuring Musiq). At the same time, India still brings us songs of pain and hope with “Long Goodbye” and “Pearls.”

Here’s her video for “Chocolate High”

ifelicious is a writer and blogger living in Columbus, Ohio.

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Kim Gets Her Hair Cut :: Slide Show

I recently got my hair cut. I did not take any before pics. But here is a slide show that I created using Sound Slides.

For a full screen view of the slide show:
Kim gets her hair cut

photographer: ericka robinson
music: Rik Cordero "Lucid Dreams" (free download)

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Music Monday 19 :: "Do the Right Thing" 20th Anniversary

This is a topic that I will be writing about again over the next few months.

The 20th Anniversary of the movie "Do the Right Thing". Wow, how the time flies. What were you doing in the summer of 1989? Yeah, I plan to do some vignettes with my friends (and you) on this very question.

A better question is when you realized that this film was not just another Spike Lee Joint? And that it has 'cultural significance' ... as it was deemed in 1999 by the Library of Congress.

What I recall strongly was the title track from the movie. And since this is Music Monday, that is what I will focus on.

"Fight the Power" by Public Enemy is one helluva song. I listen to it often enough and there are lyrics that certainly stand out like "most of my heroes don't appear on no stamps". Chuck D's delivery is masterful and Flava Fav gets his in too ... he usually does.

Here are some "Fight the Power" and "Do the Right Thing" resources:

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Thursday, March 12, 2009



Like many, I'd heard about this movie last year when it was released and there was immediate Oscar buzz.

I like Sean Penn's work. But I did not know much about the story; except that Harvey Milk was dead and that he was an activist. Some would say, well, that's the story.

However, just seeing the little bit of Milk's life on the big screen was so compelling. I love seeing the possibilities and results when people are passionate about what they believe in.

I watched the Academy Awards when Penn collected his Best Actor Award for portraying Milk. Rah. Rah. Penn put in an incredible performance. He was sooo believable as a gay man. And in his acceptance speech to make mention of 'equal rights for everyone' was certainly admirable.

The entire cast of the film version of "Milk" did an exceptional job. I like Cleve and Scott and Anne. Just good stuff.

I thought that this movie was well written. It was a bit long, but it really did not drag in any one place; just a lot to say. Of course, I like the ending when there are updates about the real life people complete with images. Very nice.

I was so distraught about how Milk died. He just seemed to be on the cusp of really doing big things. It's just interesting to now know about this person, who I'd hardly ever heard of. And in my lifetime too. I'm glad that Harvey Milk's story finally got out to a broader audience. He deserves that and then some.

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Monday, March 09, 2009

Music Monday 18 :: South by Southwest

Here's an event, that I don't know much about, but in the words of Liz Lemon on "30 Rock", "I want to go to there".

South by Southwest (SXSW) is not just a music festival. But that's how I first learned of it. I'd heard about all the cool bands were performing and just all kinds of creativity was goin on. The festival is held annually in Austin, TX.

But since its inception 22 years ago, it has morped into a music, film and interactive conference. If you and I and ten of our friends would go, I bet we'd all find something that we'd enjoy.

This year's festival runs from Friday, March 13 until Sunday, March 22, 2009.

The list of music performances is too extensive to list here, but that's what links are for, right?

What do you know about this event? Have you ever attended? Do tell.

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Friday, March 06, 2009

President Obama comes to Columbus

President Barack Obama visited Columbus, Ohio for the first time since he became president. He was in town for the City of Columbus' Police Recruit Class Graduation. They nearly lost their jobs due to a lack of funds, but thanks to the economic stimulus package, there are now 25 new officers in the city.

I covered the visit for WOSU.

There were some funny things that happened. At least somewhat amusing. At least to me.

I arrived at the venue, the Aladdin Shrine Center around 9 a.m. w/plenty of time to get settled, but when I got there and headed toward the parking lot. The line did not move for some time and I considered going to park somewhere else, then the line began to move. Then it dawned on me - they're going to sweep the car ... meaning, they're going to do a search. No, I did not panic. I had decided to drive my car since the venue was closer to my house than the office.

Now, there is absolutely nothing in my car, but it was/is in major disarray - I have been meaning to take the back seat out, meanwhile it us just there disheveled. But that is not the funny part. The driver's side window doesn't come down, so when they came up to my car, I opened the door and said "hello". They said "will you pop the hood so we can inspect it?" I proceeded to get out of the car, because on the Jeep Wrangler there is no popping the hood or anything, so I began to tell them how to open the hood. Then I had to key open the back hatch, then I had to key open the glove box. Unfortunately, I did not grab my camera while all of this was in progress. Though I am sure that would have disallowed it. And of course, there was the police dogs to sniff out the cars as well. The process took less than ten minutes.

Next I got my credentials from the press check in area. Then I got escorted to the entrance and security check for media. I did not get completely unassembled, but my keys and cell phone did get separated from me for just a bit. Somehow, I or they managed to snap a picture during the search of my equipment bag.

Oh, then I get checked in to the media area and I ask where is the 'malt box' (a piece of equipment that allows media to record sound directly from the in-house sound system) so that I can plug in for audio. Someone says, there is no malt box. No way. I request for them to find someone who can help me. A few minutes later, a guy arrives and shows me the radio work space - complete w/a 'malt box'. Whew.

The rest is just the basics ... wait and see. That's right, by the time I got through all of that, it was still about an hour before the ceremony was scheduled to begin @ 10:30 a.m. So I milled around trying to find some recruits' families members to talk to me. No luck. Actually, I think the family members were up front and I could not get to that area.

But while hanging out in the foyer before the ceremony, I was able to ask a few of the recruits some questions (along w/a radio reporter from WTVN). That was a good get since they were hard to get to when the ceremony was over.

While my audio recorder was recording the ceremony, I was taking pictures to go along w/my story.

When the ceremony ended, I went back to the area where my recorder was and there was another guy in the area. So friendly ole me says hello and then I introduce myself. He's says "Oh, I'm Don Gonyea". Very cool. I already know - he's from NPR; and the White House Coorespondent. I hear his voice all the time. I'm sure you do too. He even let me take a photo.

There was also a 'Press Filing Room". I walked in there and there were beverages and snacks and tables lined up. I walked around a bit and noticed the various media outlets labeled for seating: New York Times, FOX, etc. Then there's a door w/a sign that says "White House Press". I get the impression that this room is not for me ... I make my way back the way I came in before I am kindly asked to leave.

And to wrap things up ... While walking out, I decided to see if there were any family members who would talk ... jackpot. Found one; one of the new officers moms. That's all I needed.

By now, it's nearly 12 noon and I'm in need of a meal and a beverage. Then to the office to work on the story. Oh, I did not even mention the Secret Service; well, of course, they were there. Enough said.

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Thursday, March 05, 2009

BOOK REVIEW: "Water for Elephants"

BOOK REVIEW: "Water for Elephants" by Sara Gruen

At some point, someone recommended that I read this book. I'd been thinking about it for some time. Then one day a few weeks again, I was in the library and there it was. I thought why not.

Now, I have this thing about not reading book jackets or reviews so I really did not know what the book was about. But when there's the word 'elephants' in the title, well what could it be about? Well, here was my rationale: it surely can't be about elephants.

So I begin to read ... then I think: it surely can't be about a circus for the entire book.

Wow, I thought if the book continued to be about the circus, then I could surely lose interest.

But no, Gruen writes so well. This book is going to be a great movie. I've even cast Walter, but I can't remember the guys name from the movie when the main character moves into a train depot and wants to be left alone, but ends up befriending several folks in the town. I digress ... but I see a movie in the future.

Oh and Jacob ... I loved the carmudgeony Jacob. He was so endearing, but not. He was sort of mean, but his emotions were justified.

I am so glad that I started and finished this book because it was a slow start. And there are lots of pages. 335 to be exact. But there are just enough twists and turns that it kept me engaged.

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Monday, March 02, 2009

Music Monday 17 :: The Brit Girls

I don't have much to say on this one. I'll just let the list speak for itself.

These female singers are incredible. They are all from across the pond. Unfortunately, I did not provide a wealth of resources. I started w/my own blog posts and then I got busy and tired and I think I want to come back to this and do it more justice.

So if you have any links, info or stories to share, please do so. Thanks much.

Resources for Adele:

Resources for Amy Winehouse:

Resources for Duffy:

Resources for Estelle:

Resources for Lady Sovereign:

Resources for Leona Lewis:

Resources for Lily Allen:

Resources for M.I.A.:

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