Thursday, October 24, 2013

My Current State of Mind

I like this idea from "She Learns as She Goes."

So I'm borrowing the idea as a way to get a quick post going. Here are my thoughts at this moment.

I was dreading some portions of today, but I managed and the day went by much more swiftly than I'd imagined.

A busy and productive week.

Something on the Food Network, but it's really just background noise.

To be excited about an upcoming opportunity. It will be life changing.

As always, for my family and my current work situation which has allowed me to travel extensively including my recent trip to Ethiopia.

So here's a quick pic from the Simien Mountains in Ethiopia with the Gelada Baboons.

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Monday, October 14, 2013

Music Monday 156 :: Ylvis "The Fox" or "What Does the Fox Say?"

Music Monday 156 :: Ylvis "What Does the Fox Say?"

This viral vid is fun and energetic. Not to mention the content is hilarious. Waiting for the zoo keepers to chime in and tell us exactly 'what does the fox say?'

 Oh, and there's a funny story behind the song too. I'll be using this for my Spinning class.

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